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Support Portal

We're extremely happy to help you set up your system and troubleshoot any issues. Our support hours are from 9AM-7PM Monday - Friday (EST) and we are available via chat, email, phones, and remote PC screen-sharing. You can reach us at 866-414-2553.

Installation Guides

Just received you SCW system? This is where to start.

Networking Guide

Setting up your router so that you can do remote viewing.

Video Tutorials

Might as well learn how to use these things.


Downloads all the things!

Manuals and Technical Guides

Manuals and other documentation.

App Setup

iPhone, iPad, and Android app setup instructions.

Support Policies

Totally Free Support Policies

We're going to do everything we can to make sure your system works, but there's a few things that we can't help with.

After Hours Support

Have an issue when we are closed? Here's how to schedule after-hours support.

Warranty Policy

What to do when things go wrong.

RMA Policy

How to do advanced replacement and other return-based issues.

Third Party Camera Support Policy

Need to use another camera brand? Here's what you need to know for us to help you.


Recording Time Calculator

If you know how many days of recording you want on hand, this tool will calculate how hard drive space you need

Knowledge Base

Learn more than you ever wanted to about surveillance