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Security Camera Warehouse - the Right Choice for your Video Surveillance System

High Quality Components Produce High Quality Results

We build our cameras and recorders with components from major American Brands.

We use Intel and Texas Instrument processors in the recorders; Texas Instruments processors in the cameras. On our lower end cameras, we have Sony lenses, the higher quality cameras have Aptina Lenses. We always use surveillance grade hard drives, usually the Western Digital Purple Line.

A face at 25 FT, recorded with a 700 TVL camera with a wide angle lens

Traditional Analog Cameras

A face at 25 FT, recorded with a 1080P IP camera with a wide angle lens

SCW's 1080P Wide Angle Lens

A face at 25 FT, recorded with a 3MP camera with a zoom lens

SCW's 3MP 4X Zoom Lens

Superior Technology So Easy to Setup that You Won't Need to Pay an Expert

Installing it Yourself will Save about 60% of the Total Cost.

SCW's Networker Pro Series

Analog, CVI, TVI or HD-SDI

Because it is Better Technology, We can Warranty it Longer

In the last 5 years, we've made over 2,000 custom surveillance systems and less than 10 were defective.

Our Warranty is for 3 years. Our Money-Back-Guarantee is 30 days.

Our systems don't fail much, but if it does, we'll replace it - no questions asked.

Backed up up by the Best Support on the Planet

100% Free. 100% of the time. Never expires.

We're based in North Carolina. Our Promise: You will always talk to an expert inside the United States.

Chat, Phone and Email Support Available.

What does your support cost?
It is 100% free.

How long does it last?
For the life of the product.

When my warranty is up, what does your support cost?
It is 100% free.

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Watch Your Surveillance Cameras Anywhere You Want on Anything You Want

Tired of the typical security camera system that only work in Internet Explorer?

iPad, iPhone, Android Apps

Mac and Windows Desktop Apps

Web-browser support includes IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Zero Monthly Fees

Watch on desktops
Watch on tablets
Watch on phones
Watch on TVs

Get Peace of Mind with Email Alerts and Automatic Backups

Easy to Use, Powerful Software.

It's all included: Advanced Features Come Standard.

Control Everything: either on the Recorder or on a Mac or PC.

Email Alerts
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Automatic Backup to NAS
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out
Smart Infrared

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