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SCW's Trusted Installer Program: Overview and Application

If you have the right credentials, you're invited to join our SCW Trusted Installers program.

Commercial Grade products by a Brand Known for Quality and Service

You can stand behind the SCW name.

SCW cameras are known for quality. In the last two years, we've helped over 20,000 people and institutions over the last two years and 98% of our customers are willing to recommend us to someone else.

Customer Reviews

How we Earned our Trust - Great Quality Equipment

While the rest of the security industry has been focused on cutting corners in a race to the bottom, SCW has been doing the opposite. You can trust SCW equipment to meet your client's needs.

Our surveillance cameras are built to handle anything life throws at them: from wind, rain, sleet, snow, cold or heat. Although, you wouldn't normally install a security camera underwater, the majority of our models can even work when submerged for short periods of time.

Even our basic models can handle most forms of extreme weather with at least -31 to 140° F temperature ranges and IP66 to IP67 rated dust and water protection.

We lead the pack with Car Grade LEDs in our Infrared Lights. We use either IK10 Impact protection or Anti-Reflective Glass, and all our cameras have Commercial Grade Aluminum and Ceramic Molding instead of the standard plastic.

We include one of the longest warranties in the industry - 3 years - on our cameras and NVRs.

Our systems don't fail much but, if our support team determines that we sent you a defective product, we'll replace it. Many of our clients are buying cameras because of a known, specific threat - it is imperative that we get it working asap. That's why we do advance replacements - if we can confirm that we sent you a defective product*, we'll send a replacement out before you send the old one to us for testing, and we'll pay for shipping both ways.

* Advance replacement does require you to confirm the problem with our technical support team over the phone.

ip67 weatherized

We have thousands of reviews just like this one from Billy, who had this to say:

Best company I've dealt with in my 20 years of buying CCTV.

How You Can Leverage that Trust: Consistent Consumer Pricing and Great Dealer Discounts

The SCW brand conveys quality. Our media mentions include Forbes, Huffington Post, New York Times, and Mashables. Our products and people are featured on Discovery Channel and two soon to be released major motion pictures. When you offer SCW brand products, you differentiate yourself.

Dealer Pricing

With an installer account you’ll have access to Dealer level pricing, allowing you to retain enough margin to keep your staff employed and your company moving forward.

We have two tiers of dealer pricing.

One for installers, which is defined as people or companies who physically run cable, provide technical support to the end user, and purchase equipment after it has been sold to the customer.

The other is for distributors, who are defined as people or companies who physically run cable, provide technical support to the end user, and purchase equipment in bulk to hold in a warehouse or retail environment.

Our installer and distributor price points are designed to make sure that your company can be a success.

Consistent Consumer Pricing

Local installation companies have been feeling the pressure. As low cost goods have been flooding the marketplace, it has become difficult for many local companies to stay in business.

Many local installers look to no-name OEM products or relabeled solutions to solve this problem, but customers don't often buy brand names that they've never heard of. Trust matters.

SCW protects you by enforcing consistent MAPS pricing rules on its installers and does not allow anyone to join this program. We have clear rules against people uploading products to online marketplaces, offering our products at steep, unsustainable discounts that would put our local installers out of business, and do not allow installers to compete against each other.

Stop competing with your supplier and find a way to work together.

Customer Service as the Vehicle for Trust

The SCW Brand is know for World-Class Service

The SCW brand is known for going above and beyond for our customers. We enact those values by doing things differently than most other camera brands.

We ship same day (for orders placed before 2PM) and include free UPS ground shipping. We include free software and don't charge monthly fees to customers just so that they can view their cameras. We try to make returns and RMAs as simple as possible. We try to make your customer account as easy as possible by allowing you to see your complete purchase order history 24/7. Lastly, we try to make a guide on everything you can think of, so that you really know what you're buying before you get it, and we include award-winning, free technical support to make sure that the system is setup in the best way possible.

A Consistent Customer Experience

When you sign up with us to join the SCW Trusted Installers program, you agree to take on the support needs of the customer.

The SCW Trusted Installers program is exclusive. It is meant for the subsection of installers who can deliver an elite customer service experience, consistent with our brand. You will be asked during this application process how you plan on delivering world class customer support to your clients. The SCW brand name is built on trust, and we are selective in who we allow to be able to market our products.

Installation Quality Consistent with the SCW Brand

One of the concerns here at SCW, is that every so often, an installer claims that they work directly for SCW or uses the SCW brand to give themselves credibility that isn't backed up by their actual skills. We want to make sure that all SCW Trusted Installers perform up to similar standards.

We want your installation job to look like this:

Not like this:

Use of The SCW Brand in Tradeshow, Marketing, and Social Media

Only SCW Trusted Installers are allowed to use the SCW brand name in their marketing.

If you are a SCW Trusted Installers, we would like to help you promote your brand. For example, if your company is attending a tradeshow and has (1) used our logo on your booth, (2) brought SCW equipment to the show, and (3) a member, in good standing, of our SCW Trusted Installers program, you can request footage samples, logo assets, and social media posts by SCW to help promote your marketing endeavours.

An example of a qualified tradeshow booth is shown to the right.

Installer Values

In an effort to maintain our reputation as a reliable provider of surveillance and security equipment, we hold our Installers to a high level of professionalism. SCW reserves the right to revoke special pricing as well as terminate the business relationship if we discover any of the following:

The installer provides the customer with misleading or false information

The installer is mistreating / ignoring a customer’s requests

The installer is providing inadequate or faulty work for their customers

The installer is otherwise receiving multiple complaints or negative feedback from their client base

Support Expectations

We pride ourselves on supporting our direct clients with technical support for the life of their equipment. As an installer who is receiving discounted pricing, the expectation is that you are taking on this support role for your customers. Since we will not be on site doing any installations, nor do we know your client’s network architecture, we will not be able to offer your customers the level of support they deserve and expect from a installation service without your on-site assistance. We are happy to support you in your need for technical issues, but we do not maintain a list of your clients and cannot verify end user names or order numbers for support. Thus, you will be the point of contact for your customers from the point of sale onward. As usual, if you have any questions or need help troubleshooting during a set-up or initial install we are more than happy to assist you directly.

Installers with repeated customer complaints about inadequate support and customer service can have their pricing program revoked.

On-Site Support vs Phone Support

Site visits take time out of your busy schedule. It is ok to bill a customer for site visits, but you should not charge a customer for phone support.

MAPS Pricing

You agree not not to list an advertised price lower than our retail price. You can do coupon codes for up to 10% off. Our pricing is meant to keep all of our installers employed based on friendly service and good support. Undercutting each other hurts all of us.

Do Not Hijack NVR Administrator Accounts

Our NVRs allow you to create users with role based permissions. Please set up the end-user - not yourself, the installer - as the owner/administrator. Under no circumstances do we allow installers to hijack NVRs. If you customer calls us reporting that you have revoked their remote viewing rights, we will remove your administrative rights, reset the password, and allow them to access their NVR.

Customer Billing and Collections

We suggest that you collect the entire payment upfront or collect payment for equipment upfront and installation services after completion. We will not assist in revoking your client's access rights to their NVR - even for non-payment.

Our Policy on Monthly Fees

We don't charge a monthly fee for remote viewing and we will not assist installers in doing so. We will not help you revoke remote access to an NVR.

It is entire fine to charge monthly fees for additional value-added service agreements, such as monthly camera cleanings or on-site training classes.

Our Policy on Troubleshooting Issues

If you have a product that isn't working as expected, we're happy to help you troubleshoot your customer's issues. Do not take down equipment before troubleshooting with us over the phone and expect an RMA.

Expectations of Continued, Pleasant Business

Installer Account pricing is based on volume and creating relationships. If you don't place an order within 90 days, your account will switch back to general customer pricing. We aim to treat you with respect and to have a pleasant attitude whenever communicating. We also expect the same from you. If you don't maintain our relationship values, your account will be downgraded back to general customer pricing.



Contact Information

  • We do require a corporate / professional email address for this program. We do not accept companies with a gmail or yahoo account.

Consistent Customer Service Experience

  • Please provide a short explanation on how your local installation company provides superior customer service and world class support consistent with the SCW brand.

Company Information

  • To be accepted into the installer program, you are required to have a company website.

  • We are selective in who joins our program and want to make sure that our installers will be effective at moving product. Please list the methods that you currently use to spread the word about your security camera installation services.

Licenses and State Level Requirements

  • This installer program requires you to have a legally registered business entity (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) as we do not charge sales tax for installers.

    Because our installer program is a tax-free program, you will need to supply us with the appropriate form for your state if you want to join the installer (reseller) program. To be tax exempt, we will need you to scan and email [email protected] a copy of your reseller license: For example, in NC, where we are located, this form is NC form E-595E.

    Please check all that apply.

    Please list your license number(s) and license type(s). Most states, municipalities, or counties require at least one of the following licenses to legally install security cameras: Electrical license, burglar alarm license, or burglar and fire alarm license. If your state requires a license and you don't have one, we won't approve you. You can even face jail time for installing security cameras without one.

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