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How We Support Our Installers

At SCW, we offers our CCTV Installer and System Integrators our Zero-Hassle installer accounts. It's quick and easy to apply with no complicated paperwork and has many unique benefits. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a form to fill out so that you can join our team.

Superior Tech Support and Customer Service

We will be there for you when you need us. We won’t strand you on the job site without the answers you need to get the job done. Whether it means troubleshooting an issue or helping you get your DVR online, we're here to support you and our products every step of the way. You’ll have access to our techs for the life of the product and it never costs you anything.

That's why we're trusted by companies like: clients

Industry Leading Warranties


Product Type
3 years
TVI DVRs, TVI Cameras, NVRs, Hybrids, and IP Cameras
1 year

We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we have some of the best warranties in our industry.

If a product is defective, we will repair or replace it.

Shop around; you won't find a better warranty than ours.

Dealer Pricing

With an installer account you’ll have access to Dealer level pricing, allowing you to retain more margin and give your customers better value. We have two tiers of dealer pricing.

One for installers, which is defined as people or companies who physically run cable, provide technical support to the end user, and purchase equipment after it has been sold to the customer.

The other is for distributors, who are defined as people or companies who physically run cable, provide technical support to the end user, and purchase equipment in bulk to hold in a warehouse or retail environment.

Need a quote for a large project?

We’ll make sure you get the best price within 24hrs, not days later.

Free System Design

Some jobs can get complicated.

Our techs are here to help you build the perfect system for your customers.

We’ll walk through the entire plan with you, picking the right cameras and equipment to make sure your customers are happy with their new system.


Quality Guarantee

We don't sell the type of cheap surveillance gear you can get in a big box store. All of our equipment is professional grade, high quality, tested, and reliable. Each item is new and in unopened condition (no refurbished equipment is sold at this store unless it is in the "refurbished equipment" category and clearly marked as such on the product page) and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English that you can download from the site. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Same Day Shipping

As long as you order before we close, your items are going to ship the same day. No more waiting around with a job to do.

Our fulfillment team is fast and if you spend more than $250, you'll get free UPS Ground Shipping.

Advance Replacement

Our advance replacement program will send you a new device (cameras, DVR, or accessory) before you have to send back your other device, if one of our technicians has determined that your unit is defective, needs replacement, and is still within warranty.

You will not be charged for the new device, unless you do not return the old one within 30 days. Advance Replacement requires an order from us within the last 90 days, and a valid credit card on file.


Other Benefits

Easy Accounting: Complete Purchase History (which lists both online and phone sales) Available 24-7 Online



Contact Information

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Company Information

    Some states / cities / counties have additional licenses for installing low voltage equipment. By checking this box, you certify that you have all the relevant licenses for doing installations in your area.

  • One of these three items is required.

    One of these three items is required.

  • To be tax exempt, we will need you to scan and email [email protected] a copy of your reseller license: For NC, where we are located, this form is NC form E-595E. You will need to supply us with the appropriate form for your state if you want to join the installer (reseller) program.

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Installer Values

Security Camera Warehouse prides itself on offering high quality products at competitive prices. We provide exceptional technical support & customer service 6 days a week at no additional charge to our customers. The ability to pass along a tier based discount system is a perk we are happy to extend to our loyal customers. However, in an effort to maintain our reputation as a reliable provider of surveillance and security equipment, we hold our Installers to a high level of professionalism. Security Camera Warehouse reserves the right to revoke special pricing as well as terminate the business relationship if we discover any of the following:

The installer provides the customer with misleading or false information

The installer is mistreating / ignoring a customer’s requests

The installer is providing inadequate or faulty work for their customers

The installer is otherwise receiving multiple complaints or negative feedback from their client base

Support Expectations

We pride ourselves on supporting our direct clients with technical support for the life of their equipment. As an installer who is receiving discounted pricing, the expectation is that you are taking on this support role for your customers. Since we will not be on site doing any installations, nor do we know your client’s network architecture, we will not be able to offer your customers the level of support they deserve and expect from a installation service without your on-site assistance. We are happy to support you in your need for technical issues, but we do not maintain a list of your clients and cannot verify end user names or order numbers for support. Thus, you will be the point of contact for your customers from the point of sale onward. As usual, if you have any questions or need help troubleshooting during a set-up or initial install we are more than happy to assist you directly.

Installers with repeated customer complaints about inadequate support and customer service can have their pricing program revoked.

MAPS Pricing

You agree not not to list an advertised price lower than our retail price. You can do coupon codes for up to 10% off. Our pricing is meant to keep all of our installers employed based on friendly service and good support. Undercutting each other hurts all of us.

Our Policy on NVR Administrator Accounts

Our NVRs allow you to create users with role based permissions. Please set up the end-user - not yourself, the installer - as the owner/administrator. Under no circumstances do we allow installers to hijack NVRs. If you customer calls us reporting that you have revoked their remote viewing rights, we will remove your administrative rights, reset the password, and allow them to access their NVR. Do not charge a monthly fee for viewing. We don't charge a monthly fee for viewing and we will not assist installers in doing so. Collect payment upfront. We will not assist in revoking your client's access rights to their NVR - even for non-payment.