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Thanks for visiting, If you have any questions about equipment, system design, ordering, shipping, or technical support call our toll free number and talk to a team member today.


Phone Number and Address

Toll Free Phone Number: 866-414-2553

International Number:+1 828-483-4237

Fax Number: 866-337-9542


Corporate Office:   6 Celtic Drive Unit A6 Arden NC 28704


Email:   [email protected]

How do I get support?

Either call us or click the green "Live-Chat" Button hanging off the left side of the website (or the one below). You don't have to be on a specific page to see the button. This button will either connect you to a support specialist (if you clicked it during business hours) or open a form to request support when we get back in.

call 866-414-2553