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SCW in the news: press releases and media mentions

Business interviews and articles

Our CEO is part of the Young Entrepreneur Council, which means that sometimes he is asked for his opinions on business matters or to submit long form articles for business magazines and websites. Here's links to those articles and interviews.

Forbes interview: Eight Changes Entrepreneurs Must Make In The Modern Business World

Forbes interview: The Must-Have Traits Of A Great COO, According To 11 Successful Founders

Forbes article: Why Businesses Should Consider A 'No Tipping' Approach To Sales Commissions

Huffington Post article: Creating a Culture of Outstanding Customer Service

Press Releases and Local News

PR Newswire Stars of Discovery Channel's Show 'Garage Rehab' to Sign Autographs at Security Camera Warehouse's SEMA Booth

Asheville Chamber of Commerce: Ribbon Cutting for Security Camera Warehouse

Biltmore Beacon: SCW Security Moves to Asheville Historic Church

Industry Specific Magazine Interviews and Awards

Capital at Play: Insight: Eye In The Sky

Professional Car Washing and Detailing Magazine: A Look into Surveillance System Upgrades

Ringio Customer Spotlight - Security Camera Warehouse

Campus Safety Magazine, Best of 2015: The Networker Pro POE 16 Channel NVR – SKU: NWP5816P16

Electronic House, Best of 2015: The Networker Series 8 Channel 1080p HD Customizable Security System

Tech Activism

When Canada was considering a metered internet that would have you pay by the download, we thought that would hurt sales of security cameras (which use a lot of data when you view them). So, we made a spin-off "business" that promised to mail you parts of the internet on CD. We then showed that we could pay a person to download things from the internet, burn them on a CD, and mail them from one country to another - all for less money than what the Canadian ISPs wanted to charge for just downloading something. Over 5 Million people visited our "business" in 48 hours and over 10 Million in a week. We made the international press. It obviously wasn't a business intended to make money - we just took donations.

New York Times: Low-Tech Canadian Download Skirts Canada’s New Bandwidth Laws by Shipping Downloads on DVDs

Financial Post: Beating Canadian bandwidth caps

Mashable: Download Railroad: Why Canada Wants Your Bandwidth

Stop the Cap!: Canada’s Broadband So Expensive, New Site Promises to Mail DVDs of Your Favorite Websites

Because of our previous work with Canadian Download, our CEO was interviewed by Fox News (Dallas) when the SOPA and PIPA legislation were being considered by Congress.

Fox news 4 (Dallas) Sites Go Dark to Protest Anti Piracy Proposals SOPA PIPA