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After Hours Support

At SCW, our office is open from 9AM to 7PM (EST) Monday, through Friday. We all have unique schedules, however, and we understand these hours are not ideal for everyone, which is why we have a way to get setup or support no matter the hours that work for you.

Unattended Remote Support Instructions

Unattended remote support allows an SCW tech to diagnose or configure your security system while you’re not at the location. This is especially useful in situations where work hours may overlap with SCW support hours.

Please follow the directions carefully and provide all info possible.

1. Please ensure your computer is connected to the same local network as your SCW equipment

This means the same router as the computer and at the same location.

2. Download and install the unattended support program



3. Disable Sleep or Hibernation on your computer

Please ensure your computer is set not to sleep, go to standby, and that your computer is logged in at the expected service day/time.

For Windows users follow this guide to prevent shutdown/sleep -

For Mac users follow this guide -


Contact Info

  • Please make sure this is the name of the person who ordered so that we can look up your device.

    Usually we don't need to call you when doing after hours support, but you can provide a number if you want to.

  • Usually we don't need to email you when doing after hours support, but you can provide a address if you want to.

Technical Details

  • Please choose the most similar description to your issue.

  • If you’ve changed the default anything - please provide us with the new user info or reset this information.

    If you know what your router username/password are, please let us know - this may also be listed on the bottom of your router/modem (label)

  • If you are using an Apple Computer, your admin username/password is required to install some programs for remote setup of the NVR.

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