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Warranty Policy

Industry Leading Warranties

We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we have some of the best warranties in our industry. If a product is defective, we will repair or replace it. Shop around; you won't find a better warranty than ours.

All NVRs, TVI DVRs, IP cameras, POE switches, and TVI cameras are warranted for 3 years.

All other accessories are warranted for 1 year.

All analog cameras were warranted for 2 years from date of purchase. (we don't carry analog cameras anymore).

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What do I do if something is broken?

If you have received a defective item, please give us a call or shoot us an email so that we can troubleshoot the item. If we can't get the item working over the phone, we will send you a RMA # and a return address so you can send it back to us for a replacement unit.

or 866-414-2553

About Our Warranty

At Security Camera Warehouse (SCW) we take pride in offering only the highest quality products. In the rare event that a defect does occur we offer the following warranty: All products are warranted by Security Camera Warehouse for at least one year, except for Clearance or Refurbished items which are warranted for 90 days. If a product is defective we will repair or replace it. The customer is responsible for the shipping to send the product to us. We will pay for the shipping cost to return the product back to the customer.

You may also be covered by the manufacturer warranty, for example our hard drives have additional warranties by Seagate or Western Digital (or another provider, should we change.
SCW is not responsible for any lost time, equipment rentals, installation costs, associated with replacement of equipment.

How To Void Your Warranty

The following situations void the product warranty: Opening the housing of any camera with a fixed lens. Painting, significantly writing on the camera, or otherwise permanently modifying the case of the camera. Cutting the connectors off any equipment. Writing on or placing shipping postage on the product's packaging or user materials. Adding 3rd party software to a DVR without prior approval from our technical support department. Damage caused by the fault of the installer or customer with or without their knowledge (for example dropping or breaking the product, improper voltage, or improper installation). Lightning strikes or surge, physical damage due to dropping or improperly mounting the devices are not covered, or any unconventional or unauthorized use of the product. Operation outside of listed specs or environments. We, obviously, cannot warranty any used cable.

RMA Details

RMA : All returns and warranty services require a valid Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) issued by us. An RMA number is valid for 30 days (returned products must be received within 30 days from issuance of the RMA number).