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Business Alarm System

SCW Shield Elite Alarm System with Pin Pad

Security You Can Trust

Rest assured that your assets, employees, and everything you've worked for is safe.

Stay in the Know

Shield Elite doesn’t just protect your business, it also keeps track of who's accessing your location.

Know when employees arrive by looking at when they disarm the system

Know who works on Saturdays.

Know exactly whose code was used to disarm the system right before a theft.

Shield Account Manager allows you to track events on your system by event type, the unique user code that triggered the event, and the time the event occurred.

SCW Shield Elite Activity Log
SCW Shield Setup Expands with you

Security that Scales With You

As your business expands, Shield can expand with you.

Shield Account Manager allows you to be able to pull reports based on location.

So, whether you have one shop or a thousand, Shield scales.

Minimal Design; Maximum Protection

Our simple, minimalistic pin pad blends effortlessly with the rest of your decor.

The Shield Hub is hidden away in your supply closet, and communicates wirelessly.

Thieves won't be able to disable the hub, because they can't find it.

SCW Shield Alarm System
protect from fire, carbon monoxide, flooding

Protection from Every Threat

Works with SCW Shield Environmental Sensors:

Flood/Leak Sensors
Heat/Fire/Smoke Sensors

Carbon Monoxide Sensors
Cold/Freeze Sensors

No Power, No Internet, No Problem

Comes standard with battery backup.

Doesn't need a landline since it uses the internet connection you already have.

Verizon wireless cellular backup come standard on Shield Elite Hubs.

no power, no internet, no problem
SCW Shield Alarm System


1. Plug it into your router.

2. Plug it into a wall socket

3. Download our app

    The Storefront

    SCW Shield Hub and Pin Pad (included with Hub)

    Small business? We’ve got you covered.

    Great for retail shops or any small business with a big picture window.

    The Bastion

    SCW Shield Hub and Pin Pad (included with Hub)

    Sophisticated Technology Keeps You Safe

    Great for Small Offices: Doctors, Realtors, Insurance, Sales Offices, etc.

    The Parish

    SCW Shield Hub and Pin Pad (included with Hub)

    Protect your people.

    Great for churches, schools, and other places where people assemble.

    The Fortress

    SCW Shield Hub and Pin Pad (included with Hub)

    A security system as strong as you are.

    Great for warehouses, mechanic shops, etc

    The Citadel

    SCW Shield Hub and Pin Pad (included with Hub)

    You're the Pillar of the Community and a Pillar of Protection.

    Great for Grocery Stores, Department Stores, or other Larger Retailers.

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