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4K NVRs - Bleeding Edge Resolution

3840 x 2160. 4x the resolution of 1080P.

4k Resolution

These 4K Ready NVRs can support 4K cameras and have 4K Output*

Reminder: 4K uses 4x the processing power of 1080P. The 4K NVRs below have the number of channels listed when recording at 4K 30 FPS. However, there is also a spec listed for max number of camera connections - that spec is not based on 4K recording.

For example, a NVR that can do 20 channels at 4K 30FPS, can do 80 Channels at 1080P 30FPS, or 40 Channels at 4K 15FPS, or 256 channels at 720P 30 FPS. You can mix and match framerate, resolution, and bitrate on a per-camera basis.

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  1. The Edge 20 Channel 4K NVR - SKU: ED20

    The Edge 20 Channel 4K NVR - SKU: ED20

    In stock.
    Usually ships the same business day if ordered before 2PM EST.

    ***Please note, this price does not include hard drives. Please click Add to Cart to select your Hard Drive options and view the configured price.



    This NVR can record 20 of our 4K cameras at 22 FPS each

    320 Mbps of total incoming bitrate
    What can I do with Spare Bitrate?


    8 hard drive bays
    Rack Mountable (ears included)
    Motion Alert Emails
    Motion Detection Recording
    IntelliPro Ready
    Remote Footage Download
    Footage Download via USB
    Easy Backup to NAS or eSata

    Learn about how this NVR can create create a second copy of your footage


    Online Viewing
    Dual VGA Monitor Out (up to 1080P)
    Dual HDMI Out for TVs (up to 4K)
    4K and 12MP Camera Capable
    Smartphone Apps
    Tablet Apps
    Windows Viewing + Apps
    Mac Viewing + Apps


    Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
    Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
    16 SCWEasyConnect ports on back for Plug and play SCW camera auto-configuration
    Cameras can also connect via Cat5e to a POE Switch anywhere on your Network
    Alarm inputs / outputs

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