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SCW has Two Apps, Depending on What System you Purchased

During our normal initial setup call and screen share, we typically help all our customers setup the app and the system over the phone. If you want to do it yourself, feel free to, but if you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can always get assistance from us over the phone. We do have to setup the SCW DDNS account for you over phone/chat, there's no way to do that through the app. A DDNS keeps track of your device's external IP address if you have a dynamic address.


SCW Go works with Admiral and Imperial Line NVRs.

SCW Easyview

SCW Easyview works with Networker, Vanguard, Econ, Executive, and Super Line NVRs.

Codename: Cirrus

Coming soon. One app to rule them all. For the last year, SCW has been building its own software that can be used with all our camera lines - AND most other camera systems out there. We're building this in-house. It should be released in mid 2018.

The two apps above were made by an outsourced company and SCW does not have the rights to change them.