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4 Channel HD-TVI DVRs

To the best of our knowledge, none of our devices appear to have any major cyber security concerns, however on 5/24/2018, the House of Representatives passed a resolution to prevent the federal government from making purchases of almost all TVI and CVI products on federal government projects. In case this becomes law by the Senate passing this resolution, please use our new Admiral and Imperial IP camera and NVR lines on all federal government buildings.

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  1. The Econ HD 4 Channel HD-TVI DVR - - SKU: EC1004

    The Econ HD 4 Channel HD-TVI DVR - - SKU: EC1004

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    A hard drive is required to store video footage on a NVR or DVR. You can use our Hard Drive storage calculator to determine what size hard drive you need.


    TVI Resolution Backwards Compatibility Features Connects Via
    With a TVI Camera
    720P at 30 FPS or 1080P at 12 FPS

    You can also connect Analog Cameras to this recorder and they will record at: 960h (960 x 480)

    1 hard drive bays
    Motion Detection
    Footage Download
    Online Viewing
    USB Backup
    VGA and HDMI Out
    Smartphone Apps
    Tablet Apps
    Windows Viewing + Apps
    Mac Viewing + Apps
    Easy Backup to USB
    Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
    4 BNC Analog/TVI ports on back
    You can also add 1 1080P IP camera from your network
    power box pigtails siamese cable

    Backwards Compatability.

    TVI is a HD over BNC cable solution that is Backward Compatible with Analog Cameras.It is perfect for upgrading to HD without having to replace wiring, but will not replace IP cameras as the dominant cameras of the future. TVI recorders can accept signal from TVI cameras (SCW, Samsung, TVT, and Hikvision make TVI cameras) or Analog cameras. TVI is a transitional technology to help people with already existing cable get higher resolutions. All new installations should use IP cameras and NVRs as IP can already do 5x the resolution as TVI.

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