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Spy Cameras

Spy cameras record high resolution video and in certain models record audio! We have spy cameras for the inside and outside. If you are unsure of what you need, call our toll free number and get a free consultation with one of our CCTV consultants today!

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More About Spy Cameras


Spy cameras are a very popular set of cameras, primarily because they are exciting. Although they may seem costly initially, compared to a complete CCTV system, they are very inexpensive and some of these spy cameras we feature have the ability to record video without a DVR.
Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you can go with a completely wireless setup or you can use a hard-wired spy camera that has a standard 12-Volt adapter, in which you could hide so no one knows there is a camera there. For the most suspicious areas, we have spy cameras that would look like normal devices.

Wireless & Wired Spy Cameras


spy cameras


One of the easiest way to tip people off that an object has a spy camera in it is the cable. Power and video lines are required by most video surveillance cameras. We have both hard-wired and wireless spy cameras. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Most people like the idea of having a wireless spy camera setup until they have tried to use one.
There are some spy cameras that have their own re-chargeable batteries, but the majority of spy cameras come with a 12-volt DC power adapter. You will have to think where you can position your spy camera so that you can get the right shot while hiding the power cord. Being limited to a few outlets in a room can make determining where to place the spy camera difficult.
This is why wireless spy cameras are popular, however, you will still need to be able to plug in your power adapter when it comes time to charge the camera's batteries. Also as anyone who has used a wireless spy camera, remembering to charge the device creates it's own set of problems. Wireless spy cameras do have a tendency to have dead batteries right when you need them.