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Dome Cameras

Great for Indoors Because Domes can Easily be Mounted Hanging from the Ceiling

Weatherproof and Often Vandal Resistant

Can Also Mount to the Side of Most Walls and Be Used Outdoors

Now Viewing our Standard Definition Dome Cameras: Here are your resolution options

Big Box Store Analog Cameras

About the Quality of a 1990's Flip-Phone

The DVR in most big box stores records at CIF which is 360 x 240 pixels. The cameras included are often 420 or 480 TV Lines. We don't carry any cameras or DVRs that are this low quality.

Our Standard Definition Cameras

About the Quality of your Television

The DVRs included with our systems are 4X - 6X the resolution of a big box store's CIF DVR. We only carry cameras that are 600, 700, or 720 TV Lines.

Our HD Quality Cameras

Beautiful HD Video Footage

We have HD cameras that can record in 720P. 1080P, or 3MP (about 50% larger than 1080P).

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Why People Choose Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are very low-profile and easily mount from a ceiling. Because they are lighter and more stylish than bullet cameras, you can often mount them in places where the ceiling or wall would not support the weight of a bullet camera. Most often, people use them indoors by hanging them from a ceiling tile, but our models can also be mounted flush on a wall outside or on a post with a Universal Junction Box since they are all weatherproof. More than half our models have additional protection, via a hardened shell, to reduce damage taken from vandalism.

Mounting a Dome Camera

Most people either hang their dome camera by screwing it into their ceiling (reminder: if you are mounting to ceiling tile, it is best to support the tile from above with a piece of wood before screwing) or mounting it flush against an exterior wall. For installations where vandalism could be a serious concern, such as in prisons, a dome camera mounted to a Universal Junction Box will allow you to run all your wires through conduit that fits into the Junction box's side.

Most people who are looking at a dome camera are trying to determine whether domes or bullet cameras better suit their needs, so we made a flowchart to help you decide which would be better for you.

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