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INC Magazine rated SCW one of the fastest growing companies in America.

We offer Commercial Grade Equipment at DIY Prices with included Lifetime World Class Technical Support from USA Based Staff, Three Year Warranties You can Actually Use, and Expert Advice from Knowledgable Professionals.

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1080P Security Camera Systems

4MP (2x1080P) Security Camera Systems

4K (2x1080P) Security Camera Systems

American Based Tech Support. For FREE. Forever.

100% FREE support that never expires.

3 year warranty (with the option to upgrade to 5)

If you don't like anything, return it within 30 days with the original packaging. No big deal.

Free Training - through phone calls and screen sharing.

Real Review from Richard, who had this to say:

Best technical support of any company. You should train all the others. I definitely recommend Security Camera Warehouse.

We Care About your Security as Much as You Do

We trust you. That's why our Advance Replacements Policy exists.

if we sent you a defective product (and we can't fix it over the phone) we'll send a replacement out before you send the old one to us for testing, and we'll pay for shipping both ways.

You'll Love the Way the Bad Guys Look.

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 700 TVL cctv camera with a wide angle lens

Traditional Analog Camera

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 1080P IP camera with a wide angle 75 deg lens

SCW's 1080P Wide Angle Lens

A face at 10 FT, recorded with a 4K security camera with a zoom 98 deg lens

SCW's 4K Very Wide Angle Lens

Watch your Security Cameras Anywhere - No Monthly Fees Required.

When you watch your cameras remotely: it uses the internet connection you already have. We'll help you get it up and running over the phone or screen share.

SCW Security Cameras Viewing Apps

Easy to Install DIY Security Camera Systems

Easy to Install Yourself

DIY Friendly.

Configures itself, automatically.

One clip in cable for power and video.

Save 60% by installing it yourself.

Commercial Grade Construction and Features

All our cameras have Commercial Grade Aluminum and Ceramic Molding instead of the standard plastic.

Even our basic models can handle most forms of extreme weather, with at least -31 to 140° F temperature ranges and IP66 to IP67 rated dust and water protection.

commercial grade security cameras

Free Security Camera Coverage map Service

Customized to Your Needs and Location

Our surveillance consultants are happy to create a custom proposal for you.

With our free, no obligation floorplan service we'll help you find the right cameras for you. Just give us a call 866-414-2553 and we'll talk you through it.

Ready to Research?

If you've never bought a surveillance system before, we've created a handy beginner's guide, just for you.

NEW! Not sure what you need? Check out these sample floorplans.

Want help from a human?

Talk with an expert:

Our staff is available from 9-7 Monday - Friday (EST).

Looking to Shop?

Check out our HD security camera packages:

When you add one of our Surveillance Systems to your cart, it will break up into its cameras, recorders, and cable so that you can customize it. If, however, you want help customizing a system, don't be afraid to ask. We can send you a custom proposal for exactly what you need.