How to Make Your Own Cat5e Cables

Cat5e (aka ethernet) is a cable with 4 twisted pairs of copper wire. It is used in computer networks and HD surveillance systems.

Step 1: Run the Wire Where You Want it to Go

ProTip: It is helpful to keep it on the spool as you run the wire. It will create less mess and you'll have extra if you have to go around something that wasn't in the plan.

Step 2: Cut the Wire

Step 3: Score the Sheath

Be careful not to cut all the way through the sheath and into the twisted pairs.

Step 4: Remove Sheath

Step 5: Clear Away any Remaining Sheath

Step 6: Expose Twisted Pairs

Step 7: Separate and Order Twisted Pairs

This is the order they should be in: (EIA/TIA-568B)

Here's the order as inserted into a RJ-45 Connector

Step 8: Get out your Crimping Tool

Push Down Firmly Until You Hear a Snapping Noise

Step 9: Congratulate Yourself

You just saved a bunch of money on installation.

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