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How to Playback Recorded Footage from the In-Person Interface

How to Setup Motion Detection and Intruder Alert Emails

How to add a remote IP Camera on an NVR

How to Use our Mac Desktop App

How to Use our PC Desktop App

How to use VSPlayer

Watching Your Videos Online

How to Setup Guarding Expert, our Android/iPhone/iPad Software Tutorial

Step One:

Hit the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen (circled in the photo)

Step Two:

Hit the devices button

Step Three:

Hit the “Plus” or “Add” button on the top right

Step Four:

Fill the following settings out - put the password for your machine or the one given to you by your SCW representative if doing our demo. (Highlighted by a red box)

Once this info is filled in hit the save button the the top right (Circled in blue)

Step Five:

After a short loading time you should see the “Start Live View” button

Step Six:

Enjoy the cameras - you can double tap to view full screen