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SCW End of Year Sale 2017

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We've never done a End of Year sale before. Why have an extra sale?

1. This year's Black Friday to Cyber Monday 20% off sale was extremely successful: blowing away all previous records in our company history: we even had trouble keeping some products in stock. We truly appreciate how much people responded. One of the most interesting things about how people responded is that the sale seemed to show no of slowing down even as it came to an end.

2. Like most retailers, volume allows us to negotiate better prices and reduce fixed costs as a percentage of costs. We like passing on savings to you, so we're going to continue our 20% off sale for the time being.

3. This End of Year special is only availible in 2017 and may end at any time. (We're basically going to keep it going until volume goes back down to normal levels).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy the extended savings!

end of year sale

20% OFF Security Cameras, NVRs, Complete Surveillance Camera Systems, and Accessories.

*Although we still aim to ship out most items same day (M-F, when ordered by 2PM EST), big sale deals can be delayed, especially if ordered over the weekend (when we don't ship). The discount will still apply to backordered items (the website will let you know if something is backordered), but those items can't ship until we receive them. We get shipments in multiple times a week.

*Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or group discount.

**The End of Year Sale is non-transferable and cannot be used on previous orders.

***SCW will be releasing a new product line in 2018, but will not be discontinuing 2017 products (just like we still carry 2015 and 2016 product lines, currently). For a sneak peek at that new product line, click here. 2018 products will not be discounted as a part of this promotion.

****Sale covers SCW equipment only.

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