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DVRs are outdated. Your options are:

1. Upgrade to a TVI format - TVI DVRs cost less than analog DVRs, are backwards compatible with analog cameras, and can also record HD TVI cameras.

2. Replace your existing system with an IP system. This will require both new equipment and re-cabling with CAT5 ethernet cable. IP cameras are the way the industry has been headed for some time now and are your best option.

3. Get a Hybrid DVR/NVR. Hybrids allow you to use your existing analog/TVL resolution cameras but you'll be able to network in high def IP cameras.

For other guides, please consider:

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Refurbished DVR and Used DVRs

If you are looking for a cheaper way to own a security DVR, then a refurbished DVR is the best way to make this goal a reality. Our refurbished DVRs have been returned to us at a 10% restocking fee for a variety of reasons. We test each refurbished DVR sent back to us. We first diagnosis each refurbised DVR, repair them, and then offer them online at discount prices. These refurbished DVRs are so inexpensive that they move out of our warehouse quickly. In most cases we have good quality refurbished DVRs that were returned to us that just needed some TLC! If you do not see what you need here, call our 800 line and check with us to see if we have some cheap DVRs that are on the shelf ready for shipment. It usually takes a few days before we can take pictures and load the data online.

If no Refurbished DVRs are available, you may want to check our Discount DVR category, as the prices are often very close.

Our Refurbished DVR Collection

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A Refurbished DVR Makes For A Good Beginning CCTV System

So, you are in the market for a basic security DVR? If you are the type that like to keep things simple then there are a number of ways you can start a basic CCTV system. Using a VCR is okay at first until you need more options. Even our most basic standalone DVRs have way more options than any multiplexor or quad setup. Multiplexers will only let you see your security camera footage, but do not record.

Most of all the refurbished DVRs listed on this page were returned to us are because our clients wanted to upgrade to more channels of security. In fact, most of the refurbished DVRs are standalone DVRs and cannot be upgraded. Standalone DVRs are embedded integrated circuits and they do not have the extra room to house more DVR cards. Sometimes we get items returned to us because the DVR stopped working, but we were able to fix it and offer it again at cheap prices!

Your security is a continuous process and depending on the intensity of your application you will need to upgrade. These upgrades becomes another clients treasure! Most of the broken DVRs we take back, just needed a hard drive replaced or repaired circuits. This is your gain because you can use a refurbished DVR to grow into a setup that will be in line with your budget. With technology advancing, you'll be surprised at what gems are tossed out. We get some really good DVRs, from previous clients that just wanted to upgrade. So it never hurts to check out a clearance shelf, or refurbished shelf! You can find a really cheap refurbished DVR here --- as low as $99.00!

Often a Refurbished DVR Will Have MPEG4 & USB Back Options

refurbished dvrs

If you are looking for a cheap DVR, know that you will be limited to some options like not having a CD-RW drive to burn to CD, not having network capabilities, no remote control and no mouse interface. Typically those options are not available at $99.00 dollars. But again you just never know, we could get a refurbished DVR that has been struck by lighting repair and put it for sale at around $120-$99 dollars.

It all depends on what we get from DVR owners in the field. Just know that your options on convenience will be limited, however, you can still back up video to a usb key. That is the main goal with these refurbished DVRs! Get a cheap DVR that can record and back up video!

Some of these refurbished DVRs have hard drives in them. So for something like a 4 channel DVR, you can record video for up to one week. Backing up video to a usb key is easy. The DVRs firmware will give you options to select what video you want to transfer. After that you can play the video on your PC.
If you need a refurbished DVR, feel free to call us to get our most up-to-date refurbished DVR deals.