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DVRs are outdated. Your options are:

1. Upgrade to a TVI format - TVI DVRs cost less than analog DVRs, are backwards compatible with analog cameras, and can also record HD TVI cameras.

2. Replace your existing system with an IP system. This will require both new equipment and re-cabling with CAT5 ethernet cable. IP cameras are the way the industry has been headed for some time now and are your best option.

3. Get a Hybrid DVR/NVR. Hybrids allow you to use your existing analog/TVL resolution cameras but you'll be able to network in high def IP cameras.

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Discount DVR

Here are our collection of discount security DVRs. Standalone DVRs offer you a very inexpensive way to build a closed circuit security system. Each unit is very easy to use and are a complete plug and play setup. Each Discount Security DVRs has different options, depending on what you need to reach your overall goal. Remember when measuring price make sure that you know what each DVR has to match your initial demand. Also all Discount Security DVRs listed here can be found in our other sub menus. If you have any questions about the capabilities of the selected Discount Security DVR, call us for a free consult.

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