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DVRs are outdated. Your options are:

1. Upgrade to a TVI format - TVI DVRs cost less than analog DVRs, are backwards compatible with analog cameras, and can also record HD TVI cameras.

2. Replace your existing system with an IP system. This will require both new equipment and re-cabling with CAT5 ethernet cable. IP cameras are the way the industry has been headed for some time now and are your best option.

3. Get a Hybrid DVR/NVR. Hybrids allow you to use your existing analog/TVL resolution cameras but you'll be able to network in high def IP cameras.

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D1 DVRs have a 720 x 480 pixel resolution, (as opposed to CIF which runs at 360 x 240 pixels). D1 DVR are more robust DVRs and are more often used in corporate and governmental environments. Below are all our D1 DVRs. All of our D1 DVR will record at 30 FPS per camera, which is sometimes known as Full D1. Be wary of companies that attempt to sell D1 DVRs that don't have 30 FPS per camera, you video may appear "jerky."

For a full comparison of CIF and D1, please see our CIF vs. D1 knowledge base article.

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