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DVRs are outdated. Your options are:

1. Upgrade to a TVI format - TVI DVRs cost less than analog DVRs, use the same cable, are backwards compatible with analog cameras, and can also record HD TVI cameras.

2. Replace your existing system with an IP system. This will require both new equipment and re-cabling with CAT5 ethernet cable. IP cameras are the way the industry has been headed for some time now and are your best option.

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Available in Standard Definition and Widescreen Resolutions

Monitor from Anywhere with our Included Apps.

Will email you if someone trespasses on your property.

Can automatically backup their footage onto your computer or NAS.

Professional Grade Surveillance DVRs

Here at SCW, we create our own DVRs and NVRs, but we use quality components from major American Brands.

We have 5 lines of Digital Video Recorders : the "Econ D1" line, "The Standard Pro" series, the Ambassador line, the HD-SDI line, and our Networker HD (IP) line. The basic differences are listed in the table below.

Our Surveillance DVRs are organized by the number of channels, which is the maximum number of cameras they can handle. All our Security DVRs come with at least a 500GB Surveillance Rated Hard Drive made by Western Digital, so you will have ample recording space. All DVRs also have the option of a Hard Drive upgrade as well.

How Our Lines of DVRS/NVRS and Hybrids Differ

The main difference is resolution.

Camera systems from Big Box Stores most often record in CIF at 15 FPS. That's about the same quality as a 1990's cellphone.

Our Econ D1 and Standard Pro 960H DVRs are 4x that resolution and twice as many frames per second (about standard TV quality). The Econ is square and the 960H is widescreen.

Our Networker and HD-SDI series record in beautiful 1080P video.

Our Ambassador does some channels at 1080P HD and some at 960H widescreen TV.

They also differ by what type of cameras they can record.

If you're going to record in HD, you're not going to get HD with a Standard TV quality level camera, and vice versa.

Our Econ D1 and Standard Pro 960H lines record standard definition cameras which are measured in TV Lines.

Our Networker line records IP cameras. IP cameras record in High Definition and are measured in Megapixels.

Our Ambassador can do a little of both.

Here's a Chart on our DVRS/NVRS and Hybrids Lines




(This is the main difference)
960 x 480
Standard Definition: 960H
960 x 480

1080p (or 3MP; or 5MP)
1080p (or 3MP; or 5MP)
Compatible with: Standard Definition Cameras Standard Definition and IP Cameras HD IP Cameras
Type of Recorder: DVR DVR Hybrid DVR/NVR NVR
Cable/Connector RG59 Simese
BNC cable
RG59 Simese
BNC cable
RG59 Simese
BNC cable
RJ45 Ethernet
RJ45 Ethernet

No matter whether you choose the Econ D1 DVR or the Networker NVR, all of our DVRs and NVRs come with:

The ability to watch on your cell or tablet

Online Viewing from any major web browser

Software for your PC/Mac that lets you watch, control, and remotely backup your DVR footage and manage multiple systems

30 day month-back guarantee

Our award-winning, 100% always-and-forever free, never-expires Technical Support*

The longest warranties in the industry: 3 years for Recorders + IP cameras; 2 years for Standard Definition cameras

*No catches. No exclusions.

You don't have to pay a ton for impressive gear. Advanced Features come Standard on all our models.

Here at SCW, we create our own equipment, but we use quality components from major American Brands including Intel, Sony, Texas Instruments, Western Digital, and Seagate.

We manufacture in bulk, so you get high end equipment at competitive prices.

Watch our "Features" Videos to learn how to set up Intruder Alert Emails, use Motion Detection, enable Privacy Masking, and a bunch of other stuff.

Intruder Alert Emails
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Remote Backup
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out

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