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Business CCTV Systems, Security Cameras, and Video Surveillance

Business CCTV systems are a different kind of breed than residential applications. There are several problems that most business owners run into daily. Not having the answers to things like shrink, waste, theft and slip and falls is unacceptable. There are many people that would try anything and you need economies of scale to stay open. Owning a CCTV system will give you a pair of eagle eyes that serve as a weapon to keep you informed on what's going on in your business establishment or around it without much trouble. There are so many different types of businesses out there, if you are stuck, call our 800 line and speak with a CCTV consultant today!

Use Remote Capabilities To Manage Your Business Better


There are so many different benefits to having a CCTV system. One of the most under-rated features is the RJ45 ethernet ports that are located on the back of the dvrs. Well, both standalone and PC based dvrs have network ports and now after assigning your security dvr an ip address it will render video of what is going near target areas, parking lots and or even bathrooms. The great thing about our PC based and some of standalone units is the Penta and Hexa-plex options, in which you can do what ever you want remotely and it will not stop the recording process. This is great because now, with the use of an iPhone, iPad, laptop, or any other graphical user interface device and access the web-browser and oversee your business instead of doing site visits.

Achieve Economies Of Scale With A PC Based DVR


We recommend that all businesses large or small, choose to go with a PC based digital video recorder. One of the best reasons to go with a PC based dvr is the amount of customizable options you have to control your security cameras. The PC platform is very user-friendly and offers the best platform software. Some of the options you have are the ability to remote connect and have complete control over your CCTV system, from anywhere in the world. With this option you can study your operation and find better ways to make it more efficient. The ease of being able to record video to a CD remotely means you can passively and quietly run your business with anyone knowing what is going on. Secondly, you can put up to 7 tera-bytes of hard drives in this machines, which will let you back up video for a few months. This is great, because you can pick a day to go through all the events of certain hours in the day and make the changes you need to achieve better economies of scale. Last, you can expand and have more room to grow integrating more cameras. Standalone dvrs, do not give you the ability to adapt to handle more cameras if you needed. With the right upgrades to your PC's internal circuits you can easily add more cards to the platform. At Security Camera Warehouse we can offer an upgrade price within and outside our warranty support. If you are running a business and you need help managing your employees, inventory, or potential dangerous from guest, contractors, and or vandals, look into investing in a CCTV system. If you have any more questions feel free to call our toll free number and talk to a CCTV consultant today.