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Using our free and powerful software you can access your security camera system from multiple devices including your PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices, and Android powered tablets or smartphones.

SCW EasyView for Mac and Windows

Our Windows/Mac application is a full featured, easy to use, desktop video management software. You can combine multiple systems, even at multiple locations and seamlessly view, control, and manage them as if they were one system. Just about anything you can do on your DVR or NVR you can do on our free SCW Easyview.

Search for "Guarding Expert" for iPhone/Android/Windows Phones App Stores

Guarding Expert is our remote view and control app for your smartphone. Works on iPhone, Android and WIndows Phone. Control, view, take screenshots, and more from anywhere.

Search for "Guarding Expert HD" For Tablets on iPad and Android App Stores

Guarding Expert HD is our remote view and control app for your tablet. It is available for iPad and Android Tablets. Control, view, take screenshots, and more from anywhere.

(Windows Only) SADP will find any SCW equipment connected to your network, including NVRs, IP cameras, and DVRs, allowing you to assign IPs and more. Note: SADP is built into Easyview for Mac and is not available standalone.

Browser Plug-Ins for Mac or Windows

The browser plugin is required to view your cameras on the web browser.

VSPlayer for Mac or Windows

VSPlayer is the official player for clips and recordings. It also includes tools to convert, clip, merge, and video clips.

WMP Plugin for Windows

This plugin allows files to work via Windows Media Player. Windows only.

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