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D1 DVRs have a 720 x 480 pixel resolution, (as opposed to CIF which runs at 360 x 240 pixels). D1 DVR are more robust DVRs and are more often used in corporate and governmental environments. Below are all our D1 DVRs. All of our D1 DVR will record at 30 FPS per camera, which is sometimes known as Full D1. Be wary of companies that attempt to sell D1 DVRs that don't have 30 FPS per camera, you video may appear "jerky."

For a full comparison of CIF and D1, please see our CIF vs. D1 knowledge base article.

Our D1 DVRs

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    "The Ambassador Pro" 16 IP + 16 Analog Channel (32 total) Hybrid DVR - AMP16

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    • *IP system NVR that is Backward Compatible with Analog Systems
    • *Perfect for Gradually Upgrading Analog to IP Camera Systems
    • *16 channels for Analog Cameras and an additional 16 Channels for IP Cameras

    Resolution FPS Features Connects Via
    16 Analog Channels @ 960h (960 x 480)


    IP Channels:
    16 Up to 5 Megapixels

    beyond HD
    @1080P with all channels recording simultaneously:
    30 Frames Per Second Per Camera

    How to avoid being ripped off by fake "1080P" NVRs
    Plug and play camera detection
    2 hard drive bays
    Intruder Alert Emails
    Motion Detection
    Footage Download
    Online Viewing
    USB Backup
    VGA and HDMI Out
    Smartphone Apps
    Tablet Apps
    Windows Viewing + Apps
    Mac Viewing + Apps
    Easy Backup to USB and NAS

    Learn about how this NVR can create create a second copy of your footage
    Cat5e (RJ45) Ethernet to Network
    Standard 3-Prong Wall Plug
    16 BNC Analog ports on back
    IP Cameras connect via Cat5e to a POE Switch anywhere on your Network (do not plug into unit directly)

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