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24 Channel DVRs with Intruder Alert Emails

Get notified by email if your system detects movement during the hours you're closed.

Check in with your iPad, iPhone, Android, Web-browser, Mac or Windows Desktop Apps

Unmatched Innovation.

How 24 Channel Recording Devices Differ: Resolution.

CIF About the Quality of a 1990's Flip-Phone

This is CIF. Camera systems from Big Box Stores and other online retailers often record in CIF at 15 FPS.

We don't sell CIF DVRs.

CIF DVRs use decade old technology, because they are absolute junk. Don't buy them.

D1 / 960H Standard-Definition TV Quality

Our Econ D1 and Standard Pro 960H DVRs are 4x that resolution and twice as many frames per second.

Our Econ D1 and Standard Pro record in about standard TV quality.

The Econ is formatted for square screens and the Standard Pro is widescreen.

1080P Beautiful HD Video Footage

Our Networker and HD-SDI series record in beautiful 1080P video.

HD is great at identifying faces, but requires HD cameras.

Luckily, our Ambassador does some channels at 1080P HD and some at 960H widescreen TV, so you can transition to HD.

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Our 24 Channel DVRs

A 24 channel DVR is made for larger CCTV systems and can support up to 24 security cameras. Many people that choose a 24 Channel DVR have large homes, businesses, or industrial environments.

24 Channel DVRs are being phased out of the industry as the cost of components have gone down. It now just as cheap to get 32 channels as it is to get 24. Because the cost of the components has come down -- and because we order the larger channel systems in bulk, we have upgraded all our 24 channel DVRs to 32 channels. Enjoy the free upgrade!

We use Quality Components from Major American Brands:

Features Included:

iPad, iPhone, Android Apps
Mac and Windows Apps
Intruder Alert Emails
Motion Detection
Footage Download
Remote Backup
Online Viewing
USB Backup
VGA and HDMI Out

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  1. "The Standard Pro XL" Series 32 Channel DVR - SKU: SDPXL32

    "The Standard Pro XL" Series 32 Channel DVR - SKU: SDPXL32

    In stock.
    Usually ships the same business day if ordered before 2PM EST.


    Resolution FPS Features Connects Via

    960 x 480

    Widescreen TV Quality
    30 Frames Per Second Per Camera

    Total FPS: 960
    Webview and Smartphone Apps
    Motion Detection
    Alarm Inputs
    Easy Backup through USB
    HDMI out
    RG59 Siamese
    BNC cable

    "XL" means that this DVR has Extra Hard Drive Slots.

  2. Video Management Software - SCW EasyView

    Video Management Software - SCW EasyView

    In stock.
    Usually ships the same business day if ordered before 2PM EST.


    Our PC recording software (also available on Mac) gives you the ability to backup your footage, store it on any server or computer that you own. With our SCW EasyView software, you can schedule this to occur as frequently as you like.

    You can also manage up to 128 cameras across multiple locations (including multi-site locations if your internet speed is fast enough to support it) and view up to 64 at a time.

    You can also view your cameras, manage your DVRs, and change your settings.

  3. webview

    Mac Plugin

    In stock.
    Usually ships the same business day if ordered before 2PM EST.


    **This is the required plugin for Mac OS X

    Works with most browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox/p>

    Requires Mac OS 10.6 or higher

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