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Security Camera Demos & DVR Demos

There are three parts to this online Demo:

  1. Step 1: View our Quality Comparison Video, so that you can see which resolution is best for you
  2. Step 2: View Single Camera Web Interface for Online Viewing
  3. Step 3: View DVR/NVR Web Interface for Online Viewing (multi camera)

P.S. Each individual camera has a video you can watch of its footage on its product pages.

Quality Matters

The main difference in systems comes down to resolution.

Camera systems from Big Box Stores most often record in CIF at 15 FPS. That's about the same quality as a 1990's cellphone. Our minimum systems are 4x that resolution and twice as many frames per second (about standard TV quality). Our HD-SDI and IP camera systems shoot in beautiful 1080P video.

What you typically get with a camera system bought from a "Big Box" Retail Store

What you get at SCW:


This is our IP camera line

Full 1080p HD Video at 30 Frames Per Second

This is our Analog camera line

960H Video at 30 Frames Per Second