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Infrared LED Illuminators

If you have cameras without IR or cameras with insufficient IR brightness, then you will want to get one of our infrared LED illuminators. The main purpose of this tool is to extend the distance your camera can see at night. Even if your camera is already IR capable, this will extend your cameras visible area or light up that dark spot that is outside of your cameras IR reach.

Our Infrared LED Illuminators

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Infrared LED Lamp Lights Cannot Be Used Indoors With Reflections


Infrared LED lamp illuminators are to really be used outside to help already infrared security cameras or even non-infrared security cameras to see in total darkness or areas where there is not enough light to render an image. These parts were invented to help people salvage their already bought cameras. Upgrading to a new infrared security camera is great, but having the ability to employee this solution is a money saver. However, one must understand how bright these lights really are. This does not leave much room to use these lamps in indoor applications. In fact, if there are indoor windows, reflective surfaces, doors and other objects, they will cause a washout of the video. Certain building environments could use these lamps indoors in warehouses, factories, or large industrial production plants. All in all, do not plan on using these lamps indoors unless you have a very spacious environment.

3 Axis Of Adjustment Brackets Lamp IR Lights


A great feature to our infrared LED Lamps are the 3-axis-of-adjustment-brackets. These brackets will help you adjust your infrared lamp fov without having to un-mount the lamp. The infrared LED lamps comes with an allen wrench that will enable you to adjust the lamp. This also creates a very unique way to mount your infrared LED lamps. We feature only one lamp that does not have a 3 axis-of-adjustment bracket is our IR360 48 piece infrared LED lamp. This particular lamp has a unique feature that allows for multiple surveillance cameras to be able to see in the dark.

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