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BNC Connectors

A BNC connector allows our to connect your security camera to your DVR unit. BNC connectors typically is just a term to express the industry standard for digital/analog signal connection. All security cameras, DVRs, multiplexers, have these ends. The connectors below all fit these connections. The major connections are twist-on-BNC-connectors, crimp-on-BNC-connectors, and compression-BNC-connectors. The rest of the pieces are adapters and they help end-users achieve the right connection, which enables them to render live video feeds from their security cameras.

Our BNC Connectors Collection

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  1. BNC Ground Loop Isolator DH-GNDLP

    BNC Ground Loop Isolator DH-GNDLP


    Model number: DH-GNDLP
    Video Ground Loop Isolator could reduce "Ground Loop Interference" with CCTV signals and can easily install in a new or added to existing systems. It is useful where a video signal is transmitted via cable between points with different ground potentials, differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads.

  2. BNC Compression Connector SCW-C102

    BNC Compression Connector SCW-C102


    Model number: SCW-C102
    BNC Compression Connector

    Compression connectors provide the best seal of any BNC connectors. Compression connectors should be used 99% of the time.

  3. CONNECTOR BNC COUPLER Female to Female SCW-C108

    Model number: SCW-C108
    CONNECTOR BNC COUPLER Female to Female

  4. BNC Female to RCA Male Connector SCW-C106

    Model number: SCW-C106
    BNC Female to RCA Male Connector

  5. BNC T Connector, 1 BNC Male to 2 BNC Female SCW-C107

    Model number: SCW-C107
    BNC T Connector, 1 BNC Male to 2 BNC Female

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History Lesson On BNC Connectors

The BNC connector was developed back in the 1940s, as a miniature version of the C-connection. BNC stands for Bayonet Neill Concelman. BNC connectors were named after an Amphenol engineer whom names is Carl Concelman. He invented the C-connection and was the first. Octavio M. Salati was credited for the development of the BNC connector. Salati, filed for a patent in 1945, which was not granted until 1951. Salati did all this work while working at Hazeltine Electronics Corporation. The BNC connector was designed at the time to minimize the loss of wave reflection.

Compression BNC Connectors Are The Strongest Connections

Among the three major BNC connectors we sell, the strongest connector is the compression BNC connection. It needs a special compression tool, to make the connection. But once the BNC connector is connected to the RG59 video cable, you will not be able to pull it apart. The compression connection works great in environments that heavy stress factors or in environments that just cannot take the risk of a cable/connector connection coming loose. It is really more peace of mind and installer preference. We sell twist-on BNC connectors and if properly secure they are also hard to pull off. The main difference is the price of each connector. A compression connector will usually go for $1.99 per connector, but we sell them $1.49 per connector. Remember when using a BNC connector you will need a compression tool to make the connection.

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